Letters With Heart

It's more than just pretty letters here at Jules + Henry (though admittedly, we do love pretty letters). 

When my lettering journey began, I wanted to create letters with depth.  Letters that told a story.  Letters that encouraged, that lifted up, that brought a smile.  I knew very early on in the Jules + Henry story that I was going to create letters that sent a little bit of love wherever they ended up.  Letters with heart seemed like a natural fit.  A catchy tagline to be sure, but one that means something.

Because it is more than just pretty letters.

My journey to letters with heart isn't at all remarkable or exciting.  It certainly doesn't deserve any awards or honors or recognition (truly), but it is mine after all.  And knowing how I once lived in a bubble of perfection and loneliness, it's a story I want to share.  Little by little, piece by piece.  Not because I have it all figured out yet (spoiler alert: I definitely do NOT!), but because I want to offer hope + encouragement to other women, I want to stop glorifying busy + perfect and I just want to be real. 

So letters with heart it is.  And I'm so grateful you've joined me in this corner of the Internet to see what it's all about.