Image by Gina Zeidler 

Image by Gina Zeidler 

wife.  mama.  believer.  hand-letterer.  lifelong learner.  recovering perfectionist.  perpetual dreamer.

Hi!  I'm Meghan, the hand-letterer/creative/heart behind jules + henry.  Little did I know that my love of handwriting + letters as a young girl would morph into a dream-com-true as a now 30-something adult.   After an incredible 2015 and amazing series of events (a story I'll need to fully write out and tell another day), I'm here.  Ready to embrace my title as creative and pursuer of dreams.  This hand-lettering stuff?  A long-time dream of mine I didn't even realize I had.   That is until I finally found my voice and myself through coaching and being coached, intentionally spent some great time with my kiddos, attended a life-changing conference (hello, Making Things Happen!) and opened up my heart to the beautiful possibilities of pursuing the things I'm most passionate about.

I love ALL things paper + stationary + pens.  My husband would tell you I've been a pen-hoarder for years and while he doesn't quite understand it, I can assure you, no two pens/markers are made the same and yes, I do really use them all.  In addition to lettering, I absolutely love a good cup of coffee to get my day started, reading a good book, lifting others up through encouraging words, laughing until my belly hurts, and watching my all-time favorite movie, "The Holiday."  If we met in person, I'd probably hug you (because I grew up in a hugging family) and I would love to chat with you over coffee (or tea!) because there's nothing more beautiful than learning the heart and goals and dreams of others, in having real conversations and in finding ways to encourage them on their own journeys.

I'm trained as a coach and hold coaching principles so dear to my heart, which likely explains a lot of who I am today.  I truly believe every person has exactly what they need within themselves to accomplish the goals and dreams that they have.  I love to cheer others on in dreaming big and chasing their passions.  I'm such a believer in the whole coaching process because, well, it helped guide me to the point I am now.

Enough about me though.  I'd love to hear more about you, your story, your journey, and what fires you up.  Follow along with me on this lettering journey through Instagram (@julesandhenry) and help me spread love through letters.